The Best Blackjack Card Counters

Contrary to what many people think, counting cards is not prohibited when you play blackjack – of course , as long as you do not use a device.

Using this strategy is complex and not everyone can master it to get good profits ; However, there are some players who became blackjack historians in part because of their talent at counting cards :

Ken Uston 

One of the names that always comes up when talking about card counting is Ken Uston , famous for coming to light and participating in television shows recounting his exploits.

Uston pioneered the formation of card counting teams, as well as restricting casinos to players who counted cards or took advantage of their talents.

Edward Thorp 

“Beat the Dealer” , published in 1962, is a book published by Edward Thorp , recognized for being one of the first to show that counting cards could be a mathematical strategy to win at blackjack .

His research led him to practice at different Las Vegas casinos , where his winnings quickly drew attention for the method used.

Bill Kaplan

Harvard graduate Bill Kaplan put together a famous team, known as the MIT Blackjack Team , made up of students and alumni from MIT, Harvard and other prestigious universities.

For several years, Kaplan and his team established a whole dynamic of card counting and other strategies, which led to a book and the movie 21 .

Tommy Hyland 

Tommy Hyland also put together his card counting team , which is considered the oldest in the betting circle. Although the members are not known, it is said that 15 are part of the team , accumulating millionaire earnings since 1979.

Ben Affleck

Surprisingly, Ben Affleck also developed a good card counting technique, which got him banned from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The famous actor experienced this episode in 2014 , and shortly after he admitted that his continued blackjack practice had caused him to become an expert at the game , including card counting.