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Thursday, October 16, 2014

I love Halloween. I love the season, the crafting, the traditions, and the joy of it for the little ones. But most of all, I love the huge burst of creativity and imagination that takes hold during this time of year. There is something so amazing about the opportunity to create characters for my kids- to help them be something (or someone!) else for just a moment. 

That said, although I do love creating costumes, I don't always have the time, energy, or money to do everything handmade. Sometimes we do something cool, and some years we just get by as best we can! I think what's most important is that we make the effort to capture these moments when they are little- childhood is fleeting and I am trying to embrace both the big and little moments. 

My Amelia as Amelia Earhart. This costume was her idea, her dad and I just executed it in a fun way!

Last year, we had the chance to have a Halloween portrait session with my friend (photographer extraordinaire) Leigh Miller. She is working on an ongoing Halloween project with images of children in costume every year. I think it's such a creative and fun effort, and we were happy to be a part of it!

My oldest daughter (Amelia) wanted to be Amelia Earhart last year. Her outfit was just things she already had- but we made the plane based on a tutorial from Oh Happy Day. She is often a serious, earnest kid- so this costume suited her perfectly. She has always loved learning about the "original" Amelia.

Lucia was a peacock- her favorite bird of the moment. Again- her outfit was just stuff we already had in her drawers, but we fixed up some wings and a cool head piece! She is my hilarious, eccentric, and animal-loving kid, so this costume thrilled her and she has been a collector of peacocks ever since.

My little Oscar was a frog- simply because he was doing a really great frog noise leading up to Halloween. When you're one- animal noises are pretty much where it's at! He was a cute frog, if I do say so myself!

I am so grateful for these images! I love capturing these tiny little moments of their lives- it's all the little things that make parenting worthwhile!  Now if I can just figure out this year's costumes...

{All images by Leigh Miller Photography}

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