White carnation pomanders for Christmas!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Here are a few images from a corporate Christmas party this past December. I do several of these events in December, and this year the trend was definitely carnation pomanders and cranberries! It's such a fun and elegant combination, I can totally understand the appeal. Each of these pomanders takes approximately 125 carnations to make- it takes a lot of flowers to produce that really lush look!

This spectacular arrangement for the entry area of this event was one of my favorite things that I did all year! We filled a giant cylinder with cranberries, and then topped it with sandlbasted manzanita branches. The branches were embellished with hanging vases and clear ornaments for a festive feel. The base featured a stunning wreath of red roses and carnations- it was so cool in person!

And here's a quick phone pic that might show scale a little better- my fab assistant Kellie with this awesome arrangement!

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