Inspiration: Cascading Bridal Bouquets!

Monday, June 25, 2012

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 Brides, I know what you're thinking! Has she lost her mind? 

Nope... just looking ahead. I feel like cascades have been making a comeback. And NOT in an 80's/90's cheesy stargazer lily kind of way (you know the ones I'm talking about... just do a google image search for "cascading bouquet" and amazingly they are still around!). This is more about garden-inspired, vintage-inspired, natural bouquets with a little bit of trails or drape to them.

 In so many of these bouquets (which I found as great examples of natural, romantic bouquets with a cascading effect), the key is natural foliage. When the touches of greenery or blooms truly drape in a natural way, it creates a subtle effect of the cascade without too much formality and wiring (as it was done in the past).

Via Ruffled
 Above, this bouquet utilizes trailing jasmine and soft touches of eucalpytus. The romantic garden roses are kept at the top of the design, with just trails of dramatic foliage to soften the effect.

Above, a beautiful example of a hand-tied bouquet that still has a cascading effect. The designer from Floral Verde is masterful at this style! The bouquet below is similarly hand-tied, with draping ribbons to complete the effect.

Via Martha Stewart Weddings
 The next image is the perfect mix of modern and classic. It compliments her dress beautifully! Again, the phaleonopsis orchids have a natural drape and they are perfect for this style.

 The next three images have a lovely garden effect! A mix of many different petite blooms work to create texture and charm.

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