Touches of fuchsia and purples...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Here's a gorgeous spring wedding to feast your eyes on! I loved the bold tone of the bridesmaid's dresses paired with creamy ivories, vibrant green touches, and just a little of the deep fuchsia and purple. 

Speaking of fuchsia, do you know that it's one of those wedding words that I can never spell correctly the first time?  Never!  That one and boutonniere.  I am a great speller and yet those words... they just don't work with my brainwaves!  ;)

Anyway, on to the lovely images (taken by Paul Versluis).  Anju was such a gorgeous, happy bride!  

So many beautiful images of her with all the bridesmaids (and this one was a former bride- love that!)...

Some detail shots to show you all the beautiful blooms we used... freesia, hydrangea, orchids, ruffly double-bloom tulips, viburnum, and more!

In the bridal bouquet, we focused on ivories and creams with just touches of greens and fuchsia... to pull just the slightest touch of that pinky/purple color into her bouquet, we chose cymbidium orchids, which have that color in the center.

I love this classic image of the girls in their beautiful wraps!  

These clients provided vases for me to design in at the reception!  We went bolder on the color here with more of the fuchsia and purples, and it worked out beautifully to give the room the real "pop" that it needed.  

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