Coral Charm Peonies

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh, peonies... I love you so.  You are my favorite, and if I were a poet, I would write a poem entitled "An Ode to Peonies" because you deserve that.  

Instead, I'll just share a few pics I took of some leftovers I was playing with this week (yes, occasionally my leftovers are even inspiring- what's a girl to do but bust out the camera?).  Coral Charm peonies begin their lifespan as a deep, watermelon pink. Gradually they fade to a perfect, pale peachy/apricot color... and although they are not nearly so fragrant as other varieties, the color and texture are swoon-worthy. I love them with this particular shade of rose... enjoy these images and thanks for listening to me ramble about these lovelies!  


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What a fun and unique combination!