Published! ... and some thoughts on photography.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January was an exciting month for me, both personally and professionally.  "Exciting" personally means that I'm actually VERY grateful for January to be over... it was a rough month for my family.  I am grateful that we have all emerged, in a basic sense, in one piece.  When you meet your insurance's {massive!} out-of-pocket deductible in the first couple weeks of the year, you know you might be in for it!

Professionally, however... things have been exciting in the best meaning of the word.  First, my work was published in KC Weddings, a lovely local wedding magazine that I am proud to be a part of!  It's so fantastic that we have such a gorgeous publication that features local vendors and highlights truly beautiful area events.  Our blooms served as a backdrop to a charming collection of bridal shoes:

Next, a select few images that feature the best of my work are being featured in an online floral gallery called Bollea.  This is a collection of work that I am genuinely proud to be a part of... some of my favorite floral designers (my "idols" so to speak) have their work showcased here, so I feel like it's an honor.  Just click the link and search by my name to see all their choices, I definitely think they chose some great ones!

We've also been chosen once again as a top-rated vendor at Wedding Wire.  This is a fantastic honor and I feel like it really validates our rating there... I am proud of the relationships that I build with my brides, and a positive Wedding Wire review is one of the best things that can come of that!  (our new button is on the bottom right corner of the blog!)

Last, but certainly not least... some notes on wedding photography (and yes, this is tied into getting published.)  :) One of my very favorite floral designers on earth, Holly Heider Chapple, wrote an article on this subject today:  TO ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHERS.    Holly's work, and blog, is a huge inspiration to me... the images that showcase her work are just amazing!  In fact, I have felt for some time as though I should say something similar... but her honesty and straight-forward writing style certainly beat me to the punch!  I am so grateful to other vendors who are finally beginning to speak out about how we are all so important to each other when it comes to creating spectacular events for our clients.

While I would love nothing more than to always get such awe-inspiring images of my work, this isn't always possible!  My work, my art form, is entirely in the hands of another person after the delivery day, and that's a strange feeling.  Several of the events that I worked on this year could have been ideal for publication, had the images truly spoken of the wedding and its style, details, or vibrancy.  Some of my very favorite events that took place in 2010 will never be featured here (or anywhere), and this is a deeply saddening scenario. 

There are many reasons for this... often, photographers simply don't believe in sharing their images with other vendors, or they just can't ever get to it, not matter how many times I ask.  Next, (and this happens FAR TOO OFTEN) many, many of the details shots of the day are just MISSED.  It happens so frequently that it pains me to admit it... often, I will view an image gallery only to find 100+ images of the buffet table and the food, but not a SINGLE image of the centerpieces, a close-up of the bridal bouquets, or the boutonnieres.  Folks, this certainly isn't just a problem for me!  It's also sad for the clients that have spent so many months making the details of their day perfect

Floral design as an art-form is fleeting... and that's really just a metaphor for how fleeting the wedding day is as a whole.  The only thing we can do about that is attempt to record it... and a photographer's images are the only way to elevate those special details of that single day to the next level.   Photographers (and brides!) read Holly's article for a more in-depth look at photography from another wedding vendor's perspective, there's a lot of great information there for the taking!   She sums it up best, here"Aside from the actual wedding ceremony, nothing is more important than the photography. Photographers rule, they capture the day and they make things last forever."


Ali said...

Well said Miss Erin! There is definitely a reason we opted for Jessica as a photographer and you covered it all in this post! :)

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