A Valentine's Day Wreath Project!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's another fun Valentine's Day craft project.  I've been getting a kick out of everybody's "upcycled sweater" projects this winter throughout blogland, and thought it was time that I try something of my own!  

This wreath is based off of this tutorial for a gorgeous winter white wreath, and I was convinced that I could do something similar for Valentine's Day.  In total, this wreath cost me less than 10 bucks, which was pretty fantastic!  

I'm not going to take you on a step by step tutorial... I'll just show you a few of the variations I did vs. the one shown on the Decorating Addiction blog, but I will tell you that this is NOT a particularly fast project.  It took some time, but I think the end result was worth it!  I've never done anything with felted wool before, and I think I've still got a lot to learn, but this was a fun, easy way to start!  

First thing's first, I bought a simple wire wreath form at Hobby Lobby and covered it with red satin ribbon that I had on hand.  (This worked for me because it covered my wire base and gave me something for the "blooms" to adhere to... I initially thought I might hang this in front of my dining room mirror, and I hate when you can see the ugly backside of things there, so that's why I wanted it to be covered!)

 Again, if you're going to try to make this, refer to the steps on the tutorial that I linked!  It's super easy, just takes some time!  The above shot is right when I started hot-gluing the wool flowers to my wreath. 

Amelia helped me with this one, just by organizing my piles of circles, helping me decide where they went, etc.  Since this project involved hot glue there wasn't quite as much she could do on this craft, but she still loves to sit there and boss me around, which I thoroughly enjoy!  

What I liked about this project was that the roses felt like such a universal craft... I attached a few to barrettes for the girls, and I am thinking they'd be fun to wire onto stems for empty vases that are sitting around this time of year!  A great pop of color in a whimsical way... and these would work beautifully for winter weddings or events, too!  I love the cozy feel of the sweater material- perfect for winter.


Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

It looks great! I'm working on one for Valentine's day too! Glad to see people making these. The possibilities are endless!

BabsMadeIt said...

It did turn out great! I have a cute little upcycled sweater flower in my hair right now. Amelia and I are twins. :)