Vibrant reds

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This was a lovely September wedding that featured a gorgeous, classic combo of red against black.  Leanne wanted lots of glamour, sparkle, and vivid bright reds!  Her bouquet featured calla lilies, tulips, dahlias, and garden roses.  (She would have loved to have peonies in her bouquets, but seasonally they weren't going to work out- garden roses are a fantastic sub for peonies!)  She also found these gorgeous rhinestone bands for us to attach to the handle, which really brought the whole thing together! 

Bridal bouquet with calla lilies, deep red roses, tulips and dahlias

Pretty girls with their gorgeous headbands!  I loved that they skipped necklaces and went for the sparkling hair pieces, really fun! 

It was a rainy, drizzling day in KC, but the red umbrella images kind of make it worthwhile, right?  They made the most of the weather and obviously had a great time!  Enjoy these images courtesy of Matt Nichols Photography.  

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