A Posh Puppy Birthday Party!

Monday, November 15, 2010

We just had a fifth birthday party in our house!  It was so much fun.  After much deliberation, Amelia finally landed on a French-inspired, "posh puppy" party... we played pin the tail on the poodle, ate puppy chow out of dog bowls, made collars for cute pink poodle purses, and learned how to say fancy french words while we tied our fancy pink scarves.  It was the fanciest, most exquisite, ooh-la-la kind of event (completely inspired by Fancy Nancy, of course!).  Here are some detail images and some of my favorite parts of the party, enjoy!

The absolutely gorgeous cake, made by the talented Rebekah Foster, Cake Artist

The girls' table featured their poodle purses, dog food bowls with puppy chow, and bone-shaped canvas place mats for them to draw on!

They made beaded dog collars for their poodle purses!

Our punch was another fun element... Amelia was dying for "fancy ice cream punch" and we went with Sprite and sherbert.  Doesn't get any fancier than that, folks!  :)  I brought out the good crystal punch glasses and let the girls drink from those to make it more special... because really, when are you ever going to use those? Why not?  I had fun with these gorgeous roses that I made a wreath out of for the drink dispenser.  That was actually a last-minute decision... I had wanted to make floral wreath to go around the silhouette plate that I ordered from Le Papier, but it was too heavy to hang on my walls!  It worked out regardless, and I highly recommend the amazing products of this silhouette artist, check out her work for amazing Christmas gift ideas.  :)

I have been really digging crepe paper lately as decor... and RUFFLES.  So I whipped up a ton of crepe paper ruffles, just sewed them up sloppy as can be, and they turned out really cute on the CHEAP!  I also made these sweet little rosettes for cupcake toppers... just sewed smaller pieces of crepe paper and hot glued them together with a pearl in the center!  I think they turned out pretty cute.  All the labels I used in this party are a free download from Glorious Treats, a beautiful party and desserts blog! 

Hand-sewn crepe paper streamers!

My dear friend Jessica, who is a high school french teacher, came to teach the girls some fancy French words!  She also taught them a couple of methods for tying their scarves.  It was SO CUTE, for real.  :)

Cutest little girls in the world, how happy are they?  Thanks for reading everybody! 


Hannah said...

wow how cute. I want this to be my fifth birthday. :)

Sarah Maxey Photography said...

You've outdone yourself...again! Amazing party! What a super cue theme!!!

botanical brouhaha said...

Too cute! Love all the sweet details...thanks for sharing!

BabsMadeIt said...

Love it....I want a little girl. Or perhaps I could have an adult french poodle party. :)