Plum, eggplant, fuchsia, PURPLE wedding flowers!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Purple! I've got purple on the brain. Plum. Eggplant... lilac... fuchsia... aubergine... PURPLE. All of these variations are becoming exceptionally popular for weddings, and it's easy to see why! Just this week alone, I am working on three different proposals that are using this range of color for 2011 weddings. There are so many directions that we can go with this color scheme, I thought it would be fun to take a closer look. {This post contains images that I've been collecting for years... not just my own work! Full disclosure in the interest of wedding inspiration.} :)

What makes purple so fantastic, in my opinion, is the stunning range of colors that work well with it (and against it!) It's cool enough that it can work with whites, pinks, blues, and platinum grays; yet it's warm enough that it can even work with oranges and reds for fall weddings, too. On the color wheel, it's an opposite to vibrant green, which can be a perfect pairing for all shades of purples (even the dustier lavenders, lilacs, and magentas!). It is one of the few colors that is truly seasonless... blooms are readily available in this range at any time of the year.

First... it pairs beautifully with whites and grays, for a softer, more romantic feel. The paler shades of purples often lend themselves to a more vintage look, as well. The following images all incorporate the truly springtime blooms... lilac, tulips, sweet peas, freesia, delphinium and stock.

Just as easily, purple works in a more modern, glamorous way for anytime of the year- but perfect for summer. There are countless shades and varieties of orchids available, a stunning watercolor range of hydrangeas, as well as calla lilies, lisianthus and roses.

{photo courtesy Buds Blooming}

{photo courtesy Next Event}

Below, it is bright and vibrant with vivid green accents or pops of sapphire blue.

Take it a little more rustic and natural with locally-grown garden elements such as scented geranium, cockscomb, zinnias, clematis and more.

Huge, beautiful dahlia blooms make their way into the picture in the late summer and fall, they are stunning in purple combos. Accents of berries and soft, loose foliages can take this color in a completely different direction!

{Courtesy of The Boutwells}

{image courtesy of Cornerstone Photography, design courtesy of me!)

{photo courtesy erin hearts court}

And below, you can see that purple is dark, sexy, and super glamorous. It doesn't get much more dramatic (or stunningly beautiful!) than this!

{photo courtesy Jasmine Star}
{photo courtesy Jessica Claire}

Many of these images are uncredited, as I genuinely have NO IDEA where they came from... meaning who shot the image or who did the design work. If any of my readers know, please speak up!

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Thecitycradle said...

I am incredibly into plum this fall as well- first for parties and now it is moving into my house via a coffee table revamp:) So excited- thanks for the great inspiration!