Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy, busy. That's what we've been around here! With wedding season in full swing for the last few months I haven't had much time for blogging. Hopefully as I start to receive more pro pics in my inbox over the weeks ahead I'll be able to share some, there have been so many gorgeous details! I thought I'd take a moment to share some photos of a few random things I've done... you may be seeing more of some of these on the blog down the road!

First up, this little cutie! Wearing a yoko ono pom boutonniere. The bride's gorgeous bouquet, below, full of vibrant purples, hot pinks, and vivid greens. Fresh, springtime, modern and fun!

Below, these were the bouquets from a recent wedding in my hometown! She wanted these gorgeous orange and coral colors, accented with turquoise... gorgeous, right? Can't wait to see the pro pics from this wedding!

Yet another hometown wedding bouquet... this one was for a friend that I grew up with (my ONLY real neighbors out in the country), and she's a country girl (cowgirl!) if there ever was one! I wanted her bouquet to feel rustic and country-inspired, but still feminine and pretty. She requested the sunflowers (and what feels more Kansas than that?)... I wrapped the handle in jute twine for a fun touch!

These next three shots are from a random styling project that I worked on, and since they weren't used for anything in the end (rain rain go away!) I thought I could share them here. These had SO MANY goodies in them, they just screamed summery, country inspiration. Too much fun to not share here!

And last but not least, a few shots from a soft, feminine pink wedding! I am hoping to show you more of this one when I get the pro pics, it was so classic, elegant, and the perfect shade of antique pink!

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Coordinately Yours said...

I loved how you hung the hydrangea on the pews - so few floral designers brave going without buckets, but the result was astonishing. Thanks for your great work on that wedding!