Don't forget the handle...

Monday, May 3, 2010

I've been thinking about (and researching) all the gorgeous things we can do with the handles of bridal bouquets. This is such an important, and often overlooked, area to really personalize your overall look. You could use a material that ties into your gown, as this bouquet does, below. Since lace gowns are so popular right now, I am loving a pretty lace wrap:

Or... you can think of the handle of your bouquet as a way to reflect the overall atmosphere of the day. The mix of twine and lace here is at once romantic, vintage, and obviously influenced by a country, barn-type wedding.

Here, the designer has chosen a perfect blue lace, with tiny little ribbon trails at the base.

{Lauryl Lane}

A bride can also take this opportunity to really amp up the "bling" factor... there are so many options for dazzling, sparkly adornments these days! Pins, brooches, cuffs, necklaces, we can use it all... vintage or new, find something that speaks to your wedding look or personal style.

{The Boutwells}

Your designer can also accomplish a lot with just ribbon... pinning ruffles, tying bows, ballet-wraps, stripes!

{Martha Stewart Weddings}

Last but not least, make it personal. Use a family heirloom... a gorgeous old rosary that belonged to your grandmother, a vintage pin on loan from your aunt, or an old cameo or locket with a photograph inside. Embroider a hankie or ribbon that can be passed down for generations after you! These are the kinds of things that make a wedding feel personal, intimate, and special... so don't forget the handle! ;)

{Martha Stewart Weddings}

(Many of these bouquet shots are not credited because I don't know where they are from... if anyone knows the designers or photographers I will be happy to give credit!)


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