Two fall weddings (briefly!)...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not much time to write or post lately. I want to start giving some of my fall brides some inspiration, and here are two different weddings from fall of 09 that I worked on! One was a deep, dramatic mix of reds, burgundies and eggplant purples. We used stock, black magic roses, spray roses, dahlias and even tulips for this one.

This wedding was "pink" for a bride that really didn't like pink, and she was so cute in her descriptions of what she wanted! She wanted a mix of deep berry pinks and soft antique champagne pinks, and I think we really accomplished it. She just didn't want that bubblegum pink affect, so we went for a sophisticated, fall-inspired version of pink with touches of greens. Antique hydrangea, amazing cafe latte dahlias that I had to beg the wholesalers to hunt down for me... berry pinkish-red garden roses, and brownish-pink cymbidium orchids. (photos are credited to Studio B in the Crossroads, where the reception took place... totally charming photography loft/studio feel.)

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