Yellow. Vivid, beautiful yellow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, how I love yellow SO. It is one of my favorite colors... and perhaps it's possible that I pushed my friend Lucinda (of Portraits by Lucinda) into this color scheme of yellows and shades of gray. But she loved it, and she took this color and RAN with it... and it was so lovely. This is one of my favorite weddings ever, and here are the photographs to prove it! Above, she hand-painted the bridesmaid's names with hangers for their gowns.

Petite white dendrobium orchids graced her updo. Lucinda is one of those natural beauties, and you'll see that shining through in these photos. And if this shock of yellow can't brighten these last days of a winter that keeps on kicking, what can?

These bouquets were so much fun for me to design... we used the finest that May has to offer. Yellow ranunculus, pale yellow stock, double-bloom tulips, hydrangea, freesia, and ivory peonies with a slightly yellow center. Accents of soft gray dusty miller pulled the color scheme together.

A charming aged-silver pin picked up on the gray tones that we used throughout the day as an accent to the yellow. Lucinda searched the metro (and beyond!) for the perfect swing for her wedding photos and I think she found it!

This might be my favorite flower shot, EVER. I know I say that all the time... but this one just stabs me in the heart. A favorite bouquet, a favorite color scheme, and a little bit of the Kansas tallgrass that is so near and dear to me.

A charming yellow parasol from here... this is a perfect example of how a carefully chosen prop can just make a photo.

Stunningly beautiful, fresh-faced bridesmaids, in dresses from here.

Happy much Lucinda?

Yeah... um... cuteness below. Like, painfully, heart-achingly cute.

Here are some ceremony detail shots... handmade paper cones on each chair and a petal-strewn aisle. We placed a lush, fabulous wreath on the walnut tree that anchored the sun-dappled park space where they were married, here.

A huge yellow swath of fabric helped shield the bride from her groom at the entrance to the aisle... it also made for a fantastic backdrop for some photos after the ceremony.

And then, the romantic reception at The Sawyer Room, one of KC's most stunning downtown ballroom venues. The gray and ivory marble background of this space perfectly fit into the color scheme of this wedding, and the light streaming through those huge windows? A photographer's dream come true!

The handmade, thoughtful details continued here, of course. Hand-sewn table runners from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern line of fabrics. I can't leave out the charming cake by Samantha Combs of Cakes by Combs.

The bride spent months searching ebay and local shops for vintage silver pieces to fill at the reception... this resulted in a perfectly eclectic, thoughtful look with a beautiful combination of textures and styles. She also rented a few tall silver candelabra pieces to break up the space and add some height.

For a complete slideshow with many more photos (I couldn't seem to stop myself with how many I could show you!), go here. All these stunning photos can be credited to Halberg Photographers out of California (they'll travel anywhere!). Cindy, I had so much fun helping you with your wedding, and I couldn't have asked for a better bride!


Portraits By Lucinda said...

Yeah Erin I LOVE the blog post! So excited that you finally get to use these images :) Thanks for all of your help with the design and of course the color scheme! You gave me so many amazing ideas that truly made my wedding the beauty it was. You are so incredibly talented and I was honored to have you do all of my florals on top of all the other ideas you gave me.

If anyone reading this is looking for a florist don't waste your time looking elsewhere. Erin is the best of the best :)

All Our Thanks-
Cindy (Lucinda) & Jeff Newby

Antisha - Bluvision said...

I would have never thought to add the yellow in with the green. Erin your work was great.

Marcella Lally said...

Erin, this is that yellow dreamy scheme that you inherently do best. Truly special and incredibly beautiful what a lucky bride!