Winter with Modern Bride, 1952-53

Monday, March 15, 2010

This issue of Modern Bride takes us inside the world of winter weddings in the '50s. The write-up focuses on traditions such as tulle, lace, and of course something "borrowed, new and blue". I could write an entire post about an article with the title of "Good manners, good marriage". You can imagine the hilarity that ensues! While it's wonderful to look back on such stunningly beautiful gowns, aren't you glad that we've moved past the rules that went along with those traditions?

What is most amazing about this backdrop and set is that it's such a popular look for weddings TODAY. The sparse branches, accented with large tissue paper flowers amidst the snow, is something that I've done for decor just this past year... I even men
tioned the branches and blooms in this Pottery Barn entry not long ago!

Below, please take note of her lace bolero... OH MY LOVELINESS! It's just stunning... I have been so thrilled to see the romance of lace make such a comeback in bridal gowns over the last couple of years.

I am loving the bridesmaid's neckline in this next image, as well as her hair piece! Those gloves are also adorable... as is her clutch of winter-inspired foliages! This one looks like berries, laurel, pine and balsam.

And again, I'll leave you with the words of the magazine's eloquent editor, Marjorie Binford Woods.

"For a wedding of gracious beauty and traditional charm let an heirloom fraught
with sentiment be your "something old," let it be a quaint fan of lace,
or a yellowed handkerchief tucked into your bridal bouquet. "Something new"... a wedding gown
of great beauty to bring untold joy to you and to new generations of brides-to-be.
"Something borrowed"... from European custom, a boys' choir
to chant the wedding march softly as you
and your bridal party walk solemnly up the aisle. And for "something blue"...
a cluster of forget-me-nots to center your wedding bouquet, or to enhance the white
prayer book you carry on this brimful-of-love day. Such symbols of tradition
are your bridal right. do make the most of them now, for the sake of
romance and remembrance in all the happy days to come."

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