Modern Bride, Spring 1953

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did you know that Modern Bride is no longer in publication? While it's a sad time for the magazine world, I love to look back through a few of the old magazines that I saved from planning my own wedding. I do of course purchase a lot of magazines because of my floral business, but I feel like it's the magazines from that year of frenzied, thrilling planning that will put that time in perspective down the road.

My dear friend Jessica gave me a year's worth of Modern Bride magazines that her own grandmother used to plan her wedding... They are from 1952/1953... not long after the magazine began. I love that she gave me these, knowing that I would LOVE them and pour over this eye candy for hours... thanks Jess. I scanned some images to share here... and while they are not the best quality of scans, I just think they are too fun not to show off! I'll post some images over the coming weeks, but to start us off... here's the fashion spread from Spring 1953... 50 cents, please.

The cover is just amazing. The gowns, the bridesmaids' hair pieces (did you know that bridesmaids have not always been forced to wear matching gowns? It's a fact!)... the 50's mod splattered paint of the background. And the butterflies! Oh, the perfection of a whimsical, vintage spread... I could go on and ON. Below, I not only love this gown... I love her JOY. When was the last time you saw a bride look so happy in a magazine spread? The really fashion-y stuff is just so sexy and brooding... nothing this happy!

Let's not forget her bridesmaids... and their adorable gowns and parasols.

Above and below, I am loving this huge floral ring that they incorporated into this shoot... May Day whimsy and charm.

This image just kills me. So utterly beautiful, whimsical, and lovely. And just look at the lace on the back of her gown!

I love the detailing of her neckline, below:

I just love these images... the innocence, whimsy, joy and all that we love so much about the romance of weddings... and I can't summarize it any better than this. A letter from the editor of Modern Bride (Marjorie Binford Woods), introducing this spread in the magazine...

Dear Bride-to-be-
It's lovetime in springtime, so take your cue from this sunlit season
of blossoms, butterflies and bluebirds... and weave
a wedding as lilting as a song. Strike a note of joy in everything you do.
Hold fast to the beauty of romantic little things... the soft chime
of wedding bells as you exchange your marriage vows, the radiance of
glancing sunrays on eager faces at the altar, the church-filled
fragrance of crushed rose petals, the bubbling happiness of sentimental
toasts to the two of you. Such are the symbols of wedding
tradition that will linger long in your hearts and start you on your
joyous way for a lifetime of true happiness.


Ali said...

You are so right! This post is amazing, I LOVE it! Seeing the gowns is so much fun, they're so beautiful! Great post, Erin :)

Jonathan Goldstein said...

I'm wondering if you might do me a favor. I am looking for a article from Modern Bride in 1953 (don't know the exact issue) about Modern Furniture and/or furnishing your first home. Could you flip through your issues and tell me if you have any articles like this?

Thanks in advance



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