Wedding and Baby!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Okay, sorry for being the worst blogger in the universe. The last couple of months have been insanely difficult and busy and tiresome, and you know... you get the idea. All culminating in the photograph below. Hopefully this kind of sums it all up to those of you who have been frustrated, trying to contact me, or anything like that! Yes, Amelia's face looks like this most of the time lately since the new one arrived. I'm not kidding. :)

But, it also culminated in THIS: Beautiful wedding images from my sister-in-law's wedding available for previewing on Heather Cole's blog...

Check them out. I didn't do the flowers (wasn't really capable... too fat and pregnant and tired), but I would like to think that I had some influence on the wedding as a whole! :) It was amazing!


Portraits By Lucinda said...

Erin this photo cracks me up! That little Amelia, such a drama queen, haha. I'm sure she will adjust eventually! I can't wait to see Lucia. Let me know when things calm down and I would love to come visit. Glad to see everyone is doing well and healthy, well except for amelia.

Great flower lady said...

I wanted to r-mail you but cant seem to find your e-mail on here! My name is Tracy and I am a wedding and event designer as yourself!! I stumbled onto your site.. love the work.. ck out my blog

have a good one and congrats on the new little one~Tracy