Merry Merry!

Monday, December 24, 2007

The following images are from a winter wedding just a couple of weeks ago... I am aware that I have skipped over nearly all of my fall weddings, but perhaps that is a signal of just how busy I've been this past few months!!! I do plan on adding pics of many of those weddings during the downtime, months ahead!
This wedding was such a beautiful collaborative effort between ma
ny people! Below you'll see the "before" images of the centerpieces... I don't have any "after" because these were used for the aisle of the ceremony, and then moved onto the tables during a room turnover. (The planners took care of this move!). It was great to re-use things in this manner... it really works, especially when you're turning a room over like this. The fantastic space was the Kansas City downtown library... what an amazing and urban spot for a wedding!

We used green hydrangea, vibrant red holiday amaryllis, and touches of huge red roses. The silver pieces all came from Something Borrowed Fine Rentals... thanks Alicia!

Stunning, HUGE silver and crystal candelabrum that would grace the "altar" stage during the ceremony. These were used to help anchor the space... sometimes it's difficult to create the ceremony feeling in a space that's not necessarily always used that way!

Here's a little behind the scenes imagery from the "altar"... the space behind the ceremony was draped with black fabric just prior to the ceremony. This is the most difficult part of the library, in my opinion... because it is obviously such a public space, vendors have to wait until the very last minute to set-up. But I think this draping really helped give drama and elegance to the space.

The unity candle... I used green hydrangea and lots of winter greens to give this a little extra "oomph". :)

One of the groomsmens' bouts... very simple and elegant... green hydrangea with an accent of chocolate ribbon at the stem.

Below is a bridesmaid's bouquet, as well as their stunning gowns. One of the coolest parts of this wedding (for me, anyway!) was that the bride's brother is gown designer Matthew Christopher. Obviously he had some pretty amazing ideas regarding the overall look and feel of the event. The bride's gown, as well as all of the bridesmaids, was custom-designed. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

And below is Matthew himself, surrounded by the beautiful bridesmaids! My husband thinks he looks more like Tom Brady than a wedding gown designer from New York! I just wish I had been able to nab a pic of the bride's gown... I can't even explain how stunning it was! When her pro pics are posted I'll give a link!!

Thanks so much, Wendi and family, for giving me the opportunity to participate in such an important event in your lives! Obviously it turned out beautifully, and I am always grateful to my clients for allowing me to do what I love every weekend! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!! :)

Last but not least, a pic of my little one. I think this is what makes all of this hard work worthwhile! Much love from my family to everyone reading this week!


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