Pretty periwinkles, etc...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pretty cake that smelled delicious! Although the cake lady was a bit worried about the complete and utter lack of AC in the Knights building, I think it ended up blasting on and leaving her in good spirits! :)

This was a really pretty, organic, garden-inspired bouquet that graced the table in front of the bride and groom. I wanted it to feel a little bit wild and summery... the purples and periwinkles really work well with the bright greens here.

This was a bridesmaid's bouquet (being held by the very svelte (8 month pregnant) Katie!) I just LOVE the black dresses, have I said this recently? The geranium foliage is beautifully scented and accents bouquets in such a soft way... it doesn't look like the traditional "florist" greenery. What a perfect time of year for all the beautiful summertime flowers that are grown locally, too!

This was the bride's bouquet. Here we decided to include a little bit of white to set her apart from her girls. And truthfully, that's all Maria told me... her colors! She really left it entirely up to me, and I PROMISE that's what makes beautiful bouquets. When I get to head to the wholesalers to shop for what is readily available, everyone wins! :) Check out that awesome violet balloon flower! Does it get any more amazing and seasonal than that? The white ranunculus were a fun find, too... although they usually peak in late April, they will occasionally look for a home throughout the summer months, but it's rare!

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