Lime Green and Purple! This one was FUN. :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Okay, so this wedding was just FUN colors... it was so vibrant and unique and really just lovely. Props to this fabulous bride of mine for doing some of her OWN centerpieces, too (she did the tall ones HERSELF!) ... this can be really intimidating and scares a lot of girls, but not Shea! It is definitely a money-saving option if you're up for it! Very cute cake table... check out the polka dot/circle theme going on. Adorable polka-dot pillar candles on the cake table... they even made sheer purple overlays for some of the tables with little circular metal weights on the corners to keep them in place. (In her colors, no less).

We used limes in the centerpieces, which she sliced the week before and brought to me... I can't imagine how many limes they must have sliced!
How fabulous is this bridal bouquet for a red-headed bride? :)

These bouquets were actually remarkably inexpensive because of the bride's interest in using more common blooms (such as mums) in an interesting way. For the girls' bouquets, she wanted to use these cute purple pin heads in the flowers for a little extra fun... and it really worked, right? So cute... and her bridesmaids wore BLACK dresses. Ladies, I have to throw this in there- is there anything better, for a bridesmaid, than a BLACK dress? Maybe one that you could ACTUALLY wear again? What an awesome concept, right? And it looks SO AMAZING with any vibrant color combination... everything just pops against black. So modern and unique! Hopefully I'll get pics from her photographer down the road, and I'll post!


Kristy said...

My colors are purple (royal/vibrant shade) and lime green. I was going to do purple dresses but recently decided I might do black dresses instead and leave the colors up to the invitations and then decorations on the day of, and flowers.

If you have photos of the bridal party with the black dresses and the colors incorporated in with them, would you mind e-mailing them to me at

Roletta said...

Where did you purchase the candels that are shown on the picture with the purple and lime wedding cake?