Champagne, anyone?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So, I'm realizing that this blogging thing is harder than I thought! First, it's hard to remember to photograph all of my weddings when I'm in the last-minute, heat of the moment delivery mode... and second, who has the time? But I'm trying! It's fun to show off some of the stuff I'm doing!

These were Kathy's flowers... a bouquet for her and two for her daughters, her bridesmaids. She requested a champagne tone to go with her girls' pretty latte-toned gowns, and I think I captured it well! They were so pretty, soft and feminine!!!

And a pretty cake made by the groom's very own mother!!!

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TooCloseToCornFields said...

The best names for colors: champagne and latte! I think I need a drink.