Kathryn's wedding details...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well, I've been thinking about blogging for some time now, and I think I just needed the perfect excuse (or wedding!) to start!

For many months, I worked with Kathryn and her mom, Shannon, on the details of her lovely Memorial Weekend wedding. They went with a "shabby" theme... of course this fits my style perfectly! These girls were amazing... lovely ideas, wonderful personalities, just generally a lot of fun. An
d Kathryn could NOT have been a more beautiful, statuesque bride... she really should have been on the cover of a magazine. Hopefully I'll include some pics of her and her maids down the road.

For her bouquet, we u
sed the champagne-toned silk fabric from the custom bridesmaid's gowns as her wrap... of course her mother Shannon sewed this into a ribbon at the last minute! :) We also included a so-sweet vintage brooch that belonged to her grandmother. These are the details that I love about weddings~ things that are so important when it comes to personalizing your event with your family. A decent shot of her bouquet, on the silver cake platter before the cake arrived:

Their centerpieces were really lovely, as well... Kathryn's grandfather BUILT these little candle stands from scratch, and they were all hand painted with vintage-style crystals added as an extra special touch. They used sliced limes as a cool way of tying in the lime green/hot pink color-scheme, and then we piled hot pink petals on top. For height on the other half of the centerpieces (which this room definitely needed), we used the famous tower vases for a splash of hot color: (these pics aren't the best... again, this is why I'm the floral designer and not the photographer!) :)

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